Thumper® Lithium2

$ 299



Are you looking for a strong two head percussive massager without the obstruction of a cord?

The Lithium2 is the answer for you. You can take it with you anywhere, be it from one treatment room to another, the yoga studio, or to the massage tent at the end of the marathon run.

Lithium2 brings you the ideal combination between the effectiveness and reliability of the Mini Pro and Thumper’s new Lithium Battery Technology. You get the strength of a plug-in model with the freedom and mobility of a battery powered massager.

The battery lasts 90 minutes, enough for 10-20 massages.

The battery has a quick release and charges on a separate charging nest. If you purchase a spare battery, you can swap them out and use the product continuously.

• Package includes Massager, Charging Nest, and
1 Lithium Battery
• 5 speed settings from 18 to 40 pulses/second.
• Stroke: 0.24” (6.0 mm)
• Easy to clean, just wipe with damp cloth
• Class 1 FDA Medical Device

Available Accessories
• Thumper Lithium Battery – so you can use one while
the other charges
• Lithium2 Massager Carry Case – to take it with you
• Additional Charging Nest
• Thumper Lithium2 Wall Mount


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