Thumper® Mini Pro

$ 209


The Mini Pro is a Professional Grade product designed for durability and effectiveness. It is used around the world in both clinical and home environments. A strong massage with no work:

Thumper Mini Pro does the work, not the user. Its long handle design is perfect for treating others and for self-use
at home. You can reach areas like the shoulders, hamstrings, and mid-back.

This product is excellent for self-care. With three electronically controlled speed settings at 20, 30 and 40
pulses per second, the Mini Pro can be adjusted to accommodate personal preference. The Mini Pro is easy to hold and maneuver and over 95% of the output of the unit is directed through the massage spheres eliminating feedback through the handle.


  • 12 ft. (3.66 m) Power Cord
  • Variable Speed: 20 – 40 Pulses/ Sec
  • Stroke: 0.24” (6.0 mm)
  • Class 1 FDA Medical Device

Available Accessories:

  • Carry Case
  • Mini Pro Wall Mount

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 34.3 × 15.9 × 13.3 cm


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